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Join Ananya Panday In Her Upcoming Series As She Experiences A Refreshed Side Of Singapore

Singapore is an ever-evolving destination, with refreshed experiences that push boundaries and transform it from a familiar cityscape into one of the most dynamic, exciting escapes for travellers today. Experiencing Singapore’s lesser-known and refreshing charm, Bollywood sensation Ananya Panday has embarked on a captivating journey through an exclusive social media series titled “Ananya Unscripted in Singapore.” Partnering with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), she unveils her escapades in the city, providing audiences with a peek into her experiences.  Follow Ananya as she sets out on her captivating journey through the island city, providing viewers with an exclusive peek into the vibrant tapestry of Singapore through her lens. Prepare to be immersed in a realm where art flourishes in picturesque corners at the ArtScience Museum, where nature beckons with its serene allure, and where the tantalizing aromas of famous street foods tantalize the taste buds at Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre. Join her as she unveils the hidden gems and unique experiences that await as she explores a whole new side of this city. 

Ananya embraces love against the captivating backdrop of Marina Bay Sands, where architecture and grandeur converge in Singapore’s iconic skyline.
Ananya embraces love against the captivating backdrop of Marina Bay Sands, where architecture and grandeur converge in Singapore’s iconic skyline.

Join Ananya as she immerses herself in the island’s enchanting landscapes. As the trailer unfolds, the actress rediscovers the city as she dispels common travel myths, in the 4-episode vlog where she unveils Singapore’s secrets. Don’t forget to check out the trailer on YouTube to see her in action, hand-feeding bees like the queen bee she is.

Talking about the partnership, Ananya Panday said, “I have a great love for travelling, especially when it involves exploring hidden gems, discovering a different side of the city, and indulging the foodie in me. My recent adventure in Singapore was truly remarkable, providing unique experiences that made it an unforgettable journey that was truly one for the books. Each day allowed me to rediscover the beauty of this versatile destination and reconnect with myself in the process. And I can’t wait to visit again soon.”

Mr. Markus Tan, Regional Director, India, Middle East, South Asia & Africa, Singapore Tourism Board (STB), on collaborating with Ananya, said, “Singapore continues to be a top-of-mind destination, offering a rich tapestry of unique, exciting, and memorable experiences to diverse travel segments. We are happy to partner with youth icon Ananya Panday as she explores Singapore’s refreshed and renewed experiences through an engaging travel vlog. This is an invitation to rediscover passions, reconnect with yourself, and create lasting memories. The best holidays are filled with unscripted moments that make the holiday truly exhilarating, and Singapore offers many moments to just immerse yourself and be inspired by the magic that lies around every street corner. We hope this collaboration with Ananya inspires travellers to visit us soon and come experience extraordinary offerings that can only be ‘Made in Singapore’.”

Stay tuned for the launch of this episodic series on YouTube and join Ananya as she uncovers the hidden soul of Singapore. Catch the trailer here.

Join Ananya Panday In Her Upcoming Series As She

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