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Constitution and democracy finally won in Chandigarh Mayor elections: Kejriwal


Supreme Court’s historic decision proved that truth may be troubled, but not defeated
Thanks to Supreme Court for saving democracy in these difficult times
This is first and big victory of INDIA Alliance, we have snatched this victory from them: Arvind Kejriwal
Punjab Newsline, New Delhi, February 20-
The truth of the fraud committed by the BJP in Chandigarh mayoral elections came before the country after the decision of the Supreme Court on Tuesday. In this regard, AAP’s National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that truth may be troubled, but not defeated. The Constitution and democracy finally won in the Chandigarh mayoral elections. This is a historic decision. With this decision, the people of Chandigarh and the entire country have won. Also, this is the first and huge victory of the INDIA Alliance. In a way, we have snatched this victory from them. He said that 8 out of 20 votes of INDIA Alliance
were stolen, but we did not accept defeat. This victory gives the message that BJP can be defeated with unity, good planning, strategy, and hard work. He said, these people are claiming with great confidence that they will get 370 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. This means that they have done something wrong. Therefore, 140 crore people of the country will have to come together to save our democracy.
AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM said today the Supreme Court has given a historic decision in the Chandigarh elections. We all saw how in the Chandigarh elections it was clear that 20 votes were from the INDIA Alliance, 16 votes were from the BJP. How 8 out of 20 votes of the INDIA alliance were wrongly declared invalid and INDIA alliance candidate Kuldeep Kumar was declared defeated, BJP candidate was declared victorious. When the matter went to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court heard it very quickly and today the entire process was completed, how the Supreme Court asked for all the ballot papers and saw for itself and declared the result. “I think this has probably happened for the first time in Indian history. We thank the Supreme Court very much that in such a difficult time, given the situation in the country today, complete dictatorship is going on, democracy is being crushed, all the institutions are being crushed everywhere. In such a situation, this decision of the Supreme Court is very important for democracy,” he said.

Thanking the Supreme Court for its verdict, Kejriwal said this is a big victory for the INDIA alliance, its first victory. “It is a big victory and has great significance. In a way, we snatched this victory from them, they stole this election, they stole the votes but we did not accept it, we kept fighting till the last moment and in the end we won,” he said.

Asserting that the BJP is not invincible, the AAP National Convenor said this victory for the INDIA Alliance gives a big signal to the country. “Those who say that the BJP cannot be defeated, the BJP can be defeated with unity, good planning, strategy, and hard work. The results of this election have proved this. So, I congratulate all the partners of the India Alliance for this,” he said.

Congratulating the residents of Chandigarh on the victory, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said in a way, the people of Chandigarh have won. “The people of Chandigarh had given the mandate that the candidate of INDIA alliance should become the Mayor, but they stole the election. In a way, the people had lost but now the people have won, and the entire country has won. The whole country saw how the BJP stole this election,” he said.

Expressing apprehensions about rigging or manipulation by the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the AAP National Convenor said, “There were 36 votes in total: 35 councillors and one Member of Parliament. In the counting of those 36 votes, the BJP people invalidated 8 votes _ 25 percent of the votes have been stolen within 36. Just imagine, a big election is going to be held in the country after a few days in which there are 90 crore votes. If they can steal 25% of the 36 votes, how many votes will they steal out of 90 crore votes. Even thinking about it gives goosebumps,” he said.

Supporting further his concern, Kejriwal said the BJP certainly has something up its sleeve. “Today these people are saying with great confidence that the BJP will get 370 seats. In a way, these people are challenging the people of the country that we do not need your votes, we are getting 370 seats. Where are these people getting the confidence to get 370 seats? This clearly means that they are going to do something wrong,” he said.

The AAP National Convenor also expressed concern over the fate of democracy in the country which has been made evident in the Chandigarh mayoral poll. “If parties in a country start saying clearly before elections that they do not need votes and people, then democracy in that country is in great danger. Therefore, 140 crore people of the country will have to come together to save the democracy of the country. It is also clear from this that these people do not win elections, they steal elections. Chandigarh Mayor election has exposed these people in front of the country,” he said.
Kejriwal thanked the Supreme Court and congratulated the Chandigarh mayor in his posts on social media platform ‘X’.
“Thank you SC for saving democracy in these difficult times!”
“Kuldeep Kumar is a boy from a poor family. On behalf of INDIA alliance, many congratulations on becoming the Mayor of Chandigarh. This became possible only because of Indian democracy and the Honourable Supreme Court. We have to preserve the impartiality of our democracy and autonomous institutions at any cost.”

Welcoming the Supreme Court decision on Chandigarh mayoral poll, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann posted on ‘X’: “At last truth prevailed… We welcome the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the Mayor election in Chandigarh… CJI declared AAP’s Kuldeep Kumar as Mayor, upholding the 8 votes rejected by the Presiding Officer… They have got a befitting reply to the hooliganism openly committed by BJP… Many congratulations to the people of Chandigarh on this big victory of democracy…”


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