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What Sentimental Items Would You Frame?

When I was growing up in Manhattan, a pair of ceramic Staffordshire cats perched regally on our living room mantle. Years later, living on...


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Complex List Comprehensions Can Be Readable!

Even quite complicated Python comprehensions can be more readable than the corresponding for loops.Continue reading on Towards Data Science » Source link

Quantization, Linear Regression, and Hardware for AI: Our Best Recent Deep Dives | by TDS Editors | Apr, 2024

There are times when brevity is a blessing; sometimes you just need to figure something out quickly to move ahead with your day....

Can AI “Fix” Climate Change? Perspective of a Data Nerd | by Thu Vu | Apr, 2024

10 min read·Apr 10, 2024Climate change is a frustrating topic. Politicians are not committed to doing anything meaningful about it. And most people...

Exploring causality with Python. Difference-in-differences | by Lukasz Szubelak | Apr, 2024

      Establishing causality is one of modern analytics's most essential and often neglected areas. I would like to describe and highlight the tools most used...